Bernardsville Garden Club

1.  Library Hillside:   Replace and supplement plantings on hillside between patio and the building to beautify and stabilize the hillside and avoid erosion and weeds.

2.  Trees at Library: Assess, trim, stabilize and/or replace, as needed, the cryptomeria trees, holly trees, as well as the trees in the parking lot area.

3 .  Mulching:As necessary, add mulch to any and all areas maintained by our club.


1. Train Station. Window boxes will be planted and maintained.

2. Civic Improvement. Members will clean, weed and plant: a) Olcott square; b) the Library property, and c) the Municipal office building.

3. Beautification of Bernardsville. Continue to join with other community groups to educate, inspire, coordinate and finance a healthy and attractive borough.

4. Annual Fundraiser Mums the Word! -monies dedicated to use in landscaping the borough's public lands.
P.O. Box 81, Bernardsville, NJ 07924